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Food recycling leeds

There are now many ways to recycle food scraps with a number of food recycling programs offering the opportunity to make the most from food scrap waste. Recycling food waste is something which we should all be looking at as food scraps landfill sites become ever more cluttered and the recent announcement of various fines for overuse of landfill sites has hit the UK government, and other European governments, very hard.

Food scraps make a perfect compost for your garden, as the various nutrients and vitamins will in many cases assist the growth of your flowers and vegetables. When you consider the millions upon millions of tonnes of food waste which are disposed off each and every year there is not only the potential for enormous savings in cost but also the potential for enormous savings at various landfill sites across the UK. The idea of a food waste bin in your kitchen may not sound too hygienic and to healthy but the truth is that food waste bins today are fully enclosed thereby ensuring that no odours and none of the waste escape into your general atmosphere.

Recycling food waste is one of many ways in which we can assist the environment and also assist ourselves and the local authorities in bringing down the cost of refuse collection. In theory this is a win win situation for all involved and is something which should be considered by every household in the UK.

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